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CAPTIVE is a feature-length vampire horror movie starring Official Scream Queen Scout Taylor-Compton that filmed in Albuquerque, NM October 2020, and is now in post production.


It begins with a group of stoners getting high in a park, trying to figure out what to do for the upcoming weekend. Luke, the leader of the group, has an idea - break into a neighborhood house while the owners are away and have a party.


After doing just that, weed and booze flow freely until the group starts hearing noises coming from the basement. Rattled, but egging each other on, the group ventures down the stairs. There they find a young man chained up, grateful to have been discovered and pleading to be let loose. High, unsettled, but nervous about going to the cops, they free the captive and remain in the house.


The party continues, slowly regaining momentum, but all is not right. When one of the group is found brutally slaughtered, it becomes clear there is evil lurking among them.

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